Sneezing Season ~

Sneezing Season

Sneezing Season

15 Dec – The weather changed. A bit hotter than usual. I am oily, stinky and smelly whole day. I sneezed a few times and my lung hurts. That is odd because it never happened before.

The hot weather just made my body heat up. The marks are showing again even after the bath. In 13 hours, I will fly back to my home sweet home. I feel better now. A few months ago, I told myself I will become stronger after internship. I don’t think I made myself any stronger. Not in terms of skill that is. But in terms of mind setting and thoughts. I am more mature I guess 😀

Without any news from the IQ test, I guess I didn’t made it to the interview. Too many geniuses in UPM after all. It’s a bonus anyway… if I can make it, then Yay!! If not, never mind. I can have the whole 2 months with my family. Cheers! Had great fun today. Played Counter Strike with room mate. We screamed like little girls. Until next time …


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